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☑️Attention to changes in “Students’ Opinions”

Based on the advice by the Ex-Ambassador of Permanent Representative of Japan to the United Nations, the committee altered several points of the proposal:

1: the title of the document was changed from "Students' Opinions" into "Students Recommendation" when advancing the document to UNSG,

2: the contents are almost the same as those distributed in the closing ceremony,

3: grammatical or punctuational errors were corrected and some sentences have minor changes.

Could you read “Students Recommendation” again?

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.




1:国連提出に際して、学生意見書の正式英称が”Student’s Opinions”から”Students’Recommendation”へと変更されました。




【Result presentation of WSEN2018 Global Summit will be held!!!】
Date: October 5th 0:20pm-1:00pm (0:30pm start)
Place: "Kyotanabe Campus"
Learned Memorial Library Presentation Court (1st Floor)
"Imadegawa Campus "...
Shiseikan 1st Floor, Second Classroom (Live video)
Contents: Student Committee of WSEN 2018 Global Summit will presentate about outcomes of the summit.
No reservation! Please come


【WSEN2018 Global Summitの報告会を開催します!】
日時:10月5日 12:20-13:00 (12:30開始予定)
内容:WSEN2018 Global Summit学生実行委員会による、Summitの活動報告を行います。


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Opening ceremony and Closing ceremony will be open to the public ←NEW!

  • No advance application required
  • No entry fee
  • Both ceremonies will be held in English 

Opening Ceremony

Venue: Room No.1 Meitokukan

Time: 13:00-14:40

   Sunday, 26th August


13:00〜13:10 Opening Address


          the Student Representative’s Speech


                       Greeting from the President


13:10〜13:30 Mayor’s greetings (Mayor of Kyoto City: Daisaku Kadokawa)


13:30〜14:25 Keynote Speech (the former UN Ambassador: Prof. Motohide Yoshikawa)


14:25〜14:30 Closing Address


Closing Ceremony

Venue: Hardy Hall at Kambaikan

Time: 11:00-12:00

   Thursday, Thursday 30th August



11:00〜11:05 Opening Address


11:05〜11:10 the Student Representative’s Speech


11:10〜11:15 the President’s Speech


11:15〜11:20 Introduction of Guests


11:20〜11:35 Speech of Director-General for Environmental Policy, Ministry of the Environment(of Japan)


11:35〜11:45 a Video Message from Prof. Yoshinori Ohsumi


11:45〜11:55 Declaration of Students’ Opinions


11:55〜12:00 Closing Address


12:00     a Photo Session (optional)



Open Application for the 2nd Invititation 


It’s time to open the Application Form for the 2nd invitation to WSEN Global Summit 2018 in Doshisha University.

We could offer tentatively 2 delegates at most for each selected university.


The estimated deadline of application: the end of May (JST; GMT+9:00).

→【Extension of the entry period】

The deadline for submission was the end of May, but we decided to postpone the deadline of those who apply to the following until July 27. 

・foreign students currently studying in Japan

・Japanese students

・foreing students who do not need VISA


If you are still considering whether to apply or not, please do not hesitate to apply!

Let’s make this summit meaningful together!!!


1.How to apply for the summit?


The Student Committee of WSEN Global Summit 2018 are going to send invitations to universities, not to the individuals.

The progresses and information about internal selections in respective universities are going to be available on this website.


i) You must find or stand for a corresponding staff/student in your university for this summit.


ii) Those corresponding persons manage internal selections of student in your university where they belong now or have graduated. Its person could be also a delegate candidate.


iii) Its corresponding person are to apply for that summit with filling out the Application Form as below:


iv) Its manager shall receive an e-mail from the Committee with Registration Form for each individual delegate, if its university are selected for the 2nd invitation or it has been in the list of the 1st invited universities.


v) Finally you could register for the summit by that Registration Form (and VISA procedures to Japan, if you need).



2.Prompter is better


We can offer accommodation for first 65 student delegates overseas. 

Moreover, we would provide some lodgings in log cabin for some extra delegates.


Early Bird: 

— for 65 delegates incl. the 1st invited students. 

— Accommodation in the nearest building to the meeting area.

— Room style: European or Japanese (especially with Tatami).

— full board in cafeteria


Extra Lodging: 

— for some extra delegates

— log cabins little away from the meeting area.

— daily meals: catering or cook for yourself.


Looking forward to seeing you in the Summit!


1st Invited Universities

We have already sent our 1st invitations to universities below.

Please request your responsible faculty/office staff to reply to e-mail we are going to send to them as soon as possible ! The deadline is 13th of April. We have to withdraw our invitations from the universities which do not respond until by deadline.


Eberhard Karls Universität Tubingen               Germany
 Leuphana Universität Lüneburg Germany
Blekinge Tekniska Högskola Sweden
Université de Lausanne Switzerland
Keele University United Kingdom
University of Sussex United Kingdom
Stellenbosch University South Africa
University of Victoria Canada
Murdoch University Australia
Tongji University China
SRM University, Chennai India
Universitas Indonesia Indonesia
Université Savoie Mont Blanc France
British Columbia Institute of Technology Canada
Universidad Catolica Boliviana "San Pablo" - Cochabamba Bolivia
Universidad Nacional de General Sarmiento Argentina
Victoria University of Wellington New Zealand
University of Hokkaido Japan
Yonsei University South Korea
Amherst College U.S.
Univerzita Karlova v Praze Czech Republic
Universidad de Chile/Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile Chile

in progress of selections of delegates from univ. below by Salam (WSEN EB)

Jordan University Jordan
Princess Sumaya University for Technology Jordan
Applied Science Private University Jordan
German Jordanian University Jordan

in progress of selection of delegates from Associated Kyoto Program (AKP)