Dates August 26th (Sun.) - 30th (Thu.).2018
Organizer  Student Committee of WSEN 2018 Global Summit
Venues Doshisha University Imadegawa Campus , Doshisha Biwako Retreat Center

Consider global sustainability through cultural, traditional sustainability”


The term “environment” covers quite a broad field and the circumstances vary with each participating country.Unique “culture” inherited in countries and regions has a strong connection with its “environment” and they affect each other. What should we do to maintain this good interaction?

In today’s society, it is necessary to see things from multiple perspectives. Participants are expected to start with the discussion on the sustainability of the invisible but familiar “culture” and consider the sustainability of a larger scale “environment.”

It is our belief that students from around the world exchanging opinions will produce great toward sustainable development of social environment.


Our goal of this summit is to prepare students’ proposal concerning different kinds of “environment” and submit it to international organizations, with the hope of returning the results of our discussion to the world and passing them on to the next generation. We hope that the 10th summit will not only be a journey back to the origin but also an opportunity filled with energy for the future.

THEME of WSEN 2018 Global Summit

"Revisit  it"

Revisit Doshisha

The summit is held again at Doshisha University after a decade from 1st WSEN Global Summit.


Revisit Kyoto

Experience the real culture of Kyoto through workshops.

Revisit Summit

 Summarize the past summits and think about the environment in the next ten years.


Revisit culture

Think about cultural sustainability.


The shape of 8 is composed of 10 parts, symbolizing the history of this summit that reaches the tenth anniversary this year.


We designed this 8-shaped band as our logo since the summit has been held since 2008 and it returns to the place where it started 10 years ago.


This band is a “Moebius strip”, a half twisted loop.


The Moebius strip is a symbol of “Regeneration”, “Circulation” and “Infinity”.

It represents our hope that this campaign will continue without interruption and that a sustainable recycling-oriented society will come true someday.


There is a hidden heart mark in the center where the band crosses.

This shows that we hope we can find some new morals and values by thinking about this summit’s theme, “revisit it” (visiting and considering again).


The colors used in the logo are based on the traditional plant dyeing.


Plant dying is the method of dying clothes by using pigments from natural materials, such as vegetables and flowers.


It is one of the traditional crafts developed in Kyoto and many other places in Japan since long ago.


Use of these colors in the logo represents that the summit takes place in Japan and “the connection between nature and culture”.