Q1. What should I be careful about when using Doshisha Biwako Retreat Center?


A. Please check out the following notes(PDF) on the use of the facility.

PDFファイル 275.9 KB

Q2. What kind of support does the delegates get for participanting expenses?


A.(1) Accommodation, meals, transportation and insurance fees during summit will be coverd by the budget of the summit.

   (2)Other costs (inculding round-trip travel expanses between your house and Doshisha University Imadegawa Campus) will be the resposibility of each participant.

Q3. Could I stay a day before and a day after the summit at Doshisha Biwako Retreat Center (accommodation during the summit) ?


A. No. We can offer accommodation only through the summit dates.

Q4. What kind of delegates are to participate?


A. We already received the registration from many students in various countries, and the delegates covers all the continent.

Q5. What kind of consideration does the summit do for dietary requirements?


A. We will offer you other food form general serving.

Q6. What is necessary for participating summit after sending registration form?


A. If you need VISA, we will get in touch with you individually.

Q7. What should the delegates do for the summit?


A. We will tell the delegates what subcommittee & Excursion course you will attend, and we will ask you for several tasks around end of July, so please wait for a while.

Q8.How can we get to the opening ceremony meeting place?


A. from Kansai International Airport (KIX) ,(or even from other airports,) you need to go to Kyoto station to get to the Imadegawa Campus. (summit's opening ceremony meeting place).

 LINK for access from/to KIX


LINK for Kyoto Station



 After you reach Kyoto station, please take the Karasuma line of Kyoto city subway.

The departure  stop is "Kyoto" and The arrival stopis "Imadegawa".

There is only single subway line in Kyoto station, however, please be careful not to get in the wrong direction. (the destination of the train you need to take is "Kokusai-Kaikan(国際会館)". Don't take the train bound for "Takeda(竹田)" .

LINK for Kyoto city subway (and city bus)



Q9. What types of support will the delegates be receiving during the summit?


A. We support you all the costs for food, transportation and accommodation during the summit.

(What you need to pay during the summit may be the expenses for beverage  when you use vending machine, personal souvenirs you by in the excursion and such like things.)



Q10.How about the hotel during the event?


A. We provide you the room in Biwako Retreat Center. (Group room)

Please refer to the LINK page of this homepage for more details about the Center.

Q11.I got an information that me and the other delegates will be picked up to the event venue. I would like to ask where will we be picked up from?


A. We will pick up you at Imadegawa campus (where the opening ceremony held) ,after the opening ceremony and will transport you to Biwako Retreat Center (Accomodation during the summit).